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Do not be lured into using this website. It is a scam!

You will place your order and receive a confirmation for the exact frames you have requested. Unfortunately, a day later you will be notified that the frames you want are no longer available but fortunately they have the frames in one of their stores. There is a catch now, they want an additional $50.00 to get you the frames you wants. You agree to pay the additional amount but when you receive the frames they are not the ones you ordered.

You contact their customer service, which is only one person who happens to be a very rude and aggressive woman named Tina. You explain to her that you received frames that you did not order, whereupon she e-mails you a copy of your original order, which she has altered to match what was sent to you. You offer to send her a copy of the original confirmation showing the frames you wanted but there is no getting through to her. Her only response is that she will refund your money less a 20% restocking fee plus shipping.

If you argue your case she threatens to sue you. That's the scam.....

They make you sign an agreement that you will accept the 20% restocking fee deducted from the original price. There is no convincing her that since they sent the incorrect frames that you, the customer, should not be responsible for the restocking fee.

Reason of review: Not as described.

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Yes, Tina is the only person there. She is rude. This place is a scam.

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